Zackary Rabbit and Huntyr's
Special Trip

Dr Suess Birthday

There is a poster on a tree
advertising a pawpawty.
Dr Suess is the birthday boy.
Over the years, he's brought great joy.
Off we strolled to join the group.
and down the path, we did troop.

Please, please before you go,
there is something you should know...
My Horton ears just heard a cry...
there is a kitten stuck way up high.

We can help,you will see!
We can get him from the tree.
Frugaldougal a tweet will send,
on the anipals you can depend!

Thing one and Thing two came running past.
They were running very fast.
This way,this way, do not talk,
this way,this way, do not walk.

So for a while we used a car
it really took us very far.
Into dirt the road did turn
not for tires we did learn.

We did travel over land,
we did travel over sand.
We rode a camel, it was fun.
Not enough room for every one.
At every bend there was some more,
me too, me too was quite a roar..

On henryandfriends we can always depend,
and in his truck he did descend.
He gathered up dogs and cats and bears.
He gathered up anipals everywhere!

Yertle had called every turtle he knew
and looking at them we knew what to do.
So we climbed and we pawed,
and we scratched and we clawed,
we stood on each others backs and heads,
we need more, we need more, Yertle said!
One by one the tower was made
closer and closer to the kittens aid.

and when at last we reached the top
the little black kitten made the hop,
down the tower he did run
into the arms of his mum...

And when the rescuing was done,
there was cake and icecream for everyone!

Happy birthday, Dr.Suess

If you enjoyed this trip and would like to be a part of another one
Check this out!! "World Trip Planned"

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