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Jack Russell Terrier
Sir Huntyr

Natural Bug Spray

One big lemon (the more rind the better)

Tablespoon of crushed rosemary leaves (or a 6 inch sprig of fresh).

Quart of near boiling water

Take the large lemon and slice it very thin. Put it in bowl with rosemary. Pour the boiling water over them. Let steep overnight.

Strain and put into a large spray bottle. Keep in fridge. Shake well before applying.

The lemon in this spray along with the rosemary oil will give your dog a beautiful shiny coat and keep fleas and other bugs away, including mosquitoes, so you get extra heartworm protection. If your dog has dry skin or allergies add a teaspoon of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of aloe pulp.

Use the spray at least twice a week to keep the scent on the coat to repel bugs, and spray it around your doors and through the carpets. If its a bad flea time, spray daily on the belly and feet to repel them.

Another one I have hear of but have not tried .....
There is a home made recipe for bug spray that works well. Not as lomg lasting as Deet but I feel more comfortable with it. Works for humans and animals.

15 drops of tea tree oil
15 drops of citronella
15 drops of oil of peppermint
1 cup of water.
I put all the ingredients in a small spray bottle and shake well and then spray me or dogs.

I also sometimes add eucalyptus oil as it is a good insect and is inexpensive

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