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Jack Russell Terrier
Sir Huntyr

Remover: Skunk Odor

1 cup water

1/2 cup baking soda

1 tsp liquid dishwasher soap

Mix well

(This recipe will wash a small dog the size of a Jack Russell terrier. Make multiple batches for bigger pets.)

This solution does not keep
so mix it when ready to use.

Mix into the soapy solution, 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (from drug store).
Work the solution into dog's coat.
Keep solution out of dog's face and eyes. Make sure the solution soaks through the hair onto the skin. Rinse the animal thoroughly with water after 5 minutes of scrubbing.

Wash colorfast inanimate objects ( buildings, decks, etc.) that have been sprayed with one cup of liquid laundry bleach per gallon of water. CAUTION - THIS MAY BLEACH THE BUILDINGS, DECKS, ETC. Try it on a small area if bleaching may be a problem. The bleach must come in contact with the spot where the secretion was sprayed. Repeated applications may be necessary for large amounts of the skunk spray. DO NOT USE BLEACH ON HUMANS, PETS OR CLOTHING.

The yard:Spray that has drifted over a large area can be neutralized by mixing 1 gallon of clear vinegar and 1 cup of non-foaming cleanser (such as liquid dishwasher soap) in a backpack garden sprayer. Spray down the area with the skunk smell; it will be neutralized on contact.

If a skunk has sprayed underneath a house, place a plastic tarp in the crawl space and put 25 pounds of charcoal on the tarp. The odor in the air will be soaked up by the charcoal. Be sure to ventilate the living space within the house. (These last two odor solutions were provided by Pete Bromley, Fisheries & Wildlife Coordinator, NCSU Dept of Zoology.)

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