2010 New Garden by Gazebo

In 2010 for the first time I decided to fix up a garden. These pictures move back in time from the garden that I just planted to pictures of when the gazebo first got put up.

Seeing as I cannot put Huntyr out in the yard alone, when he is outside, so am I.
Once ball playing is done, and chipmunk chasing kicks in, I settle into the gazebo with my laptop and now the Nook ereader.

This first picture is of the flower garden first planted.
Now I just gotta wait for the flowers to get big.
This one is a little closer up of the flower garden.The fairy that is kneeling has solor "moon" flowers in her hands.
Notice the basket in the upper right hand corner?

Here is what is hiding in the basket... dragons.
momma dragon and her 4 babies

This is the day the garden was finally ready for the plants/flowers to be added.
What's that you say? Inside the gazebo..

Why its Hugo... the tree wizard. He insisted he belonged here and so he came!

This is when new comfy chairs and a table for the laptop was added..

At first lawn chairs were all we had.......

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