Zackary Rabbit and Huntyr's
Special Trip

at Valentines Time
Its Valentines Day on Sunday,
I have to decide who I want as my valentine.

So let's see..@sydpie is so "smooooooochy"
and would be a great choice,
but then I think, what about cute little @OatieDog,
she is so cute and such a good friend.
But then @WilsonBear,@mattiedog and @niqqi pop into my head.
and... and... and...
Decision, Decision.....

I was talking to @ZackRabbit
about who was gonna be his Valentine this year.
He just blushed.
So I don't really know who his choices would have been.

We decided to go out for a drink (bacon beer, of course)
and discuss this...
When the lightbulb went off,
The decision was made..
My momma and Zackary's Plushateer.
There really was no other choices..
Zack pulled out a map and we made a plan to go shopping.
We had to find the best!

So the next day we started out on our shopping trip!
Zack picked me up and off we went.

Past the frozen land with the energy windmills.

Drove out of the cold into the warmth. We found a tulip farm.
Very pretty but not the best....

Finally we came across the candy store we were looking for.
It took awhile to decide but finally the decision was made.

Off we go to the next part. Flowers.
We went to a Rose Farm. Ohhh how pretty!!!
Colors and more colors.

We even got out and looked up close.

Finally we knew what we wanted.
And off we went to find it.

Just as the day was coming to an end,
we piled all our treasures into Zack's car, and headed home.

Now don't tell momma or the plushateer what we got for them!

Happy Valentines Day!

(if you enjoyed this trip and would like to be a part of another one
Check this out!! "World Trip Planned"

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