2011 Artic Blast
Jack Russell Terrier Trial

On Sept 10-11, 2011, me and momma got to ride with Paxton and Lea
and their momma and daddy, Jill and Dale Olson
to the Artic Blast Trial, Sumerset, Wisconsin.
It was SOOOO much fun!!

especially the rats!
I want to show you what I had to do... find the rat. The man stands there while I look. He pushes a funny button and momma gets all excited about when he pushes it... weird. They like the button when there is a great smelling rat nearby.
*rolls eyes*

Ok see the huge pile of hay. They hide three white tubes. They tried to fool me with sausage in the other tubes, but my nose was looking for a rat. (oh ya,this isn't me in the picture, momma can't take pics and do the event at the same time).

Soon as she put me down I raced around and found the smell I was looking for.
hmmmm it was way up there. I jumped but couldn't get up there. I then saw a hole in a log... so I jumped again, right into the log and squeezed thru the log.

See the white tube. It's to the left and a bit higher than the log. It's got the rat in it...I got to the rat thru the log and found it on the backside. The man hit the button and momma got really excited.
I was faster than any other dog this day!!!
big deal, now that rat, that's a big deal!!!

Sunday's rat event was in same place but the rat was moved and rehidden.
so I ran around to the back of the pile and smelled him really really fast.
Haha... a log. So I jumped to get into the log and to the rat.

As soon as I landed on the hay bale below the log, it fell, so did I....hmmmm

I got right up and ran to the side (2)and went in a hole I saw there.
I ran thru and came out the other side(3).

Finally I came back to where I first smelled him and jumped. I caught that log with my front paws, pulled myself up and into the log. Success!!!!!!!!
Just as my nose knew, there it was hiding behind the log!
Even tho, the man didn't push the button soon enough,
momma said I worked it good.
I had fun and that's what counts!

Me and momma think the trial was named correctly, cuz we had a BLAST!!!
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