2009 Twitter Memories

by Huntyr

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One day mom and I were playing on the puter when we decided to check out twitter. We found it full of anipals of all kinds!!! We were hooked on making new friends.
Soon we were looking forward to being smooooooooooooched by sydpie every day!

Alot of weeks we ended up going on a #truck ride with #Henryandfriends. He is a great driver. I still hear him singing softly "weels on truk gow rownd an rownd .. rownd an rownd .. rownd an rownd ... "
Of course, George the Duck, alot of times brought his camera to capture the moment.
We never know from week to week if we will go on a bus trip,
or in Henry's truck,
or on a horse drawn carriage,
or even a train ride,
but one thing we can count on, Lots of fun, laughs, good food, and most of the time we meet up with Edward for Ice Cream!!!!

There was also weekly #squirrelclub meetings where we told stories of chasing squirrels and chipmunks and stuff that move... we never hurt any.... *wink*
And Henry lead us in #keepfits class.......so we stayed in shape

Holidays rolled around and we enjoyed them too...

dressing up in a number of costumes.
Including dressing up as George with Sydpie

Dressing up is always fun cuz you never know when you need to reach into your bag of tricks

And then there is the monthly themed fundraisers for anipals less fortunate as us.......
one of them was dudefest
woodstock pawpawty
mummy pawpawty
pirate pawpawty

They are lots of fun, lots of food, drinks, music and games with prizes!! Best of all lots of money was donated to needy No Kill Shelters!

there was having quiet times with friends....
Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving time
Dancing at christmas time

We even had a wedding celebration

and traveled to wave goodbye to friends at the Rainbow Bridge....

There is nothing like twitter. We have met so many wonderful friends. We have laughed and we have cried.
But most of all we have loved.

Good bye 2009..

Hello 2010!!

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