July 23, 2010
Pictures don't even begin to capture what it really looks like.
But momma tried as best she could to get some anyway.
We did get 8" of water in basement and John is working hard to get it pumped out.
He is replacing the water heater today and we suspect the brand new furnace is ....
well, we best not say that outloud.

we took the camera and went out into the mosquito territory and took these...
(all pics can be clicked on to be made larger, use back button to return)

looking at house from the east
this ditch rarely ever holds water

directly across road
drops down approx 8ft to open field....

from our upstairs window,
trees so tall was hard to get a shot but...

taking a walk to the east, starting from our east drive...

our west drive and looking down the mowed path to the east wooded lot.

I never got to swim in the street before!

looking back at our house

going east..

going east, the closest house to us..

and next to him

That was as far as we could walk.
From there the road was closed. With out daddy big truck or a tractor, you couldn't go any farther.


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