Jack Russell Terrier

On Wednesday, April 27,2011, me and momma kissed daddy good bye and went on a trip.
I had no idea how long the trip was gonna be, and trust me, it was LONG!

We were going to a Jack Russell Trial, but we got to stay on a farm in South Carolina.
Mostly I am gonna tell you about the farm.

We traveled thru the flat land.. then....
traveled thru the pretty mountains

there was a farm in a valley, we wanted to stop and check it out, but we didn't...

Then a HUGE mountain was in front of us... instead of going around and over... we had to go

Through it!!!

Whew, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.... let's hope its not a train!!!

Soon we reached NC... we got to get out and play a little...

After driving alot longer, we finally arrived at Watson Dowell's granddaddies house...

It didn't take long to realize there was lots to explore!
including these geese eggs.
I was very good, I just looked...

When we went inside I had to stay in a room by myself, but I could see what everyone was doing *S*..

The view from my window was extremely nice!
I could even see the ducks in the pond, and the cows in the field!

After our long trip, me and momma was given a room to sleep in. It even had a "huntyr" size bed!!!

Friday was exploring, hiking day... Me and Watson had lots of fun playing in the buttercup fields.

And then it was time to meet the locals...
so off we go...

hmmmm, what's that?


and they NOT happy we in their territory....

We decided to go another direction, after we ran... (away from them)
ok ok so I wasn't so brave, but did you see how BIG they are??????

ah, Momma, don't look now...

They is following us!!!!

yuppers, they are still behind us........

ohhhh I found the daddy...
don't gotta call me twice, I am on the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

soon we found a familiar sight, haybales, you know what that means!!! RATS!!!
Soon my nose, kicked in!

Watson and Darby confirmed my suspicions...

We all ran around and around, having a blast.

After ratting awhile, we wanted to play on the tractors.
I got to drive one and Watson got to drive the other....

The next two days were a Jack Russell Trial. I competed in 5 events each day.
I brought home 7 ribbons. One second place, and the rest third place ribbons.
All of them were in the "rat" finding competitions *S*.
They didn't name me Huntyr for nothing. BOL.

Our trip home was just as long but we spent a night in a motel and that helped all of us.

Momma did take a little movie of the cows, she missed (whew) the one where he was really chasing me. He was so fast he almost got me, I think momma was a bit nervous, but not nearly as nervous as I was BOL.

Me and momma feel very honored that Pam Dowell choose us to invite on the trip with her, and we thank her very much for the wonderful time and memories.

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