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Huntyr: So,Ryhlan, tell me about your trip. You was traveling a awful long time!

*sniggle* Ya it was a long trip but it was fun.
I was staying at the BaboonHQ and Hugging School.
After I hugged @kolo_martin and his family goodbye,
we headed to the mainland.
Before I knew it, there was more friends there.
Henry (@henryandfriends) came with Edward and Leroy to say goodbye.

You wouldn't believe it Huntyr, the hugging school is on an island!! The Isle of Wight in the UK.
So we had to take this little speedboat, they call it a hovercraft but it was really a speedboat *sniggle*. It was soooo cool. Me and Henry took turns driving it and it zipped along really fast.. zoooommmmmmmmmm zoooommmmmmmmmmmmm *sniggle, sniggle*

When we got off the hovercraft. Henry had his truck waiting and he drove us all to the airport. It was a really cool truck and Henry was singing as he drove..."weels on truk gow rownd an rownd .. rownd an rownd .. rownd an rownd ... " So we all sang and laughed and *sniggled all the way to the airport*
As my plane took off, I could see all my friends sitting in Henry truck watching me go.

Before long, the pretty ladies took me up front "where the boys sit" and I got to chat with the pilot. He promised to take good care of me and send me off to Huntyr's house. He even let me use his cell phone to make a call back to Kolo.

As the plane landed I crawled back into the traveling box
and got ready to go to Huntyr's house.
But you know.......
Having that opening in the box is a little too enticing for a little curious resourceful baboon, and first chance I got, out I slipped...
I was in a town called DC...
I wanted out fast till I saw a building I had to check out. The Lincoln Memorial... I read Mr. Lincoln did LOTS of good things and used to live in a big white house down the road... He looked very friendly and I took a few minutes to say Hi back and sniggle with him a little.

The next time I slipped out of my traveling box was in a town that had LOTS of TALL buildings! Not many trees, so I quickly slipped back in my traveling box and moved on towards my new home.

As I left that town, from my window seat
I spotted a pretty lady waving "WELCOME TO THE USA!"
and I waved backed big time !!
She definitely made me *sniggle* and feel nice.

I really had not intended to stop again till I got there
but oh oh oh LOOK!
How could I not slip out and enjoy the night life here!!!

By now I had enough of the traveling
and wanted to settle down with my new family...
I had been traveling a very long time!
So I curled up in my traveling box and didn't peek out again
until I arrived at Huntyr's house.
It didn't take long before we knew we were gonna be best buds!

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