2012 Huntyr still awaiting arrival of
Ryhlan, a baboon
@huntyr @kyba @ryhlan @zackrabbit

Hi, it's still me Huntyr.
I am still writing on Ryhlan's pages cuz
the waiting continues...
I really do not like waiting...

It's nice having a great friend like Zack (@zackrabbit),
who sat with me day after day,
waiting for the mail to arrive.

Then one day, it happened.
The air mail package arrived!!!

Quickly, we grabbed it up and ran indoors.
We noticed the package was open on one end,
and out slipped a very fuzzy baboon!
It was Ryhlan!!!
It was!!
Quickly we took pictures ...

and sat down to eat and chat....
Knowing he would be really hungry
when he arrived,
we were prepared with fresh hot banana pizza!!!!!!!

Ryhlan says, he is really tired from his trip
but he has LOTS of stories to tell.

And I have lots of adventures to take him on..

all in the days to come.....

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Stay tuned for many adventures.......
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