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Anipal World Trip

Recently @zackRabbit and Huntyr (@kyba) went on a trip. *click here if you didn't see it* Everyone enjoyed it and lots of people mentioned they would like to be in a trip.
So I thought it over, and I think it would be really fun to make a trip, similiar to the one that @zackRabbit and Huntyr just went on,

but this one would include anyone that would like to be included.

My thought is to make a trip around the world.

Get everyone to send me a picture of themselves preferably in front of their town sign, and/or a famous landmark in or near their town, with a small story about the location.

This doesnt have to be a brand new picture, just one you might have to show where you live/play.

It doesnt have to be a town sign picture for you to be included. Even just a picture of you and info about your location so we can see HOW ACROSS THE WORLD WE REALLY ARE.

Its interesting to see how people in other areas live. We can't "really" go there but we can travel there in pictures and see and enjoy.

I know it would take a long time to do this, to get word out and to collect the pictures but it would be so interesting to see how many cities/states/countries we all live in.....

What I need is...
anipal name, breed
twitter name
name of town,state, country
any info about your town or area

**** Deadline MAY 27, 2010 ****
then I can put the trip together so we all can enjoy it!!

If you really would prefer to keep your location private, but would like to be on the trip, just include a picture of you and your house, or your favorite place you like to walk or play, or you in a nearby location.

I can do the resizing and cropping of pictures if you need help with that.

Please DM me at @kyba or
email me at (you can just click here) with your pictures and stories to be included in the trip.

If you like the idea, please pass it on!!
This is gonna be fun!!!!!

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