Short adventure picture stories featuring:Huntyr, ZackRabbit, Ryko, Ryhlan, TwitterPals

2013 Ryko's New Friend!
Part one!

@huntyr @kyba @zackrabbit

Hi Friends,
A little explaination about what you are about to see.
Although on the surface this looks very similiar to my
regular stories. It is and it is not.
This is the first of the stories done by the new 3D process.
A very fantastic twitter friend, @zackRabbit, has been walking momma thru
learning this new program. He has been so patient with momma,
as this program is WAY OVER MOMMA'S HEAD.
But momma is so intrigued, she says she just has to learn it!
When you see things in the story this time, such as a dog house, a soccer
ball, a dog bowl, items in the dog house, grass, flowers, ....
these all are made by momma. They are 3D models -
sculpted and painted using this program - so everything can be twisted and turned
to see front,back, top or bottom.
and put into the story at the angle needed. Eventually, she will be making the trees and the sky too.

So enjoy this segment of the story...
And thanks for being my friend!!!

Ryko: Oh Rusty, Huntyr is going to be so surprised to meet you.
He is always whining I need to find friends.
And now I did. You are really going to like Huntyr, he is a really nice guy.
And I am sure you will love his bestest friend, Zack Rabbit, too.
We, you and me, are going to be bestest friends too, I can tell.
We are almost there...just down this hill, over there by the water...

Ryko: Huntyr, Huntyr, OH Huntyr, where are you??!!
I want you to meet Rusty.
Darn, Rusty, looks like he isn't home :(

Ryko:oh Hi Hugo, didn't see you standing there.
I think I know where Huntyr might be,
will you hold onto Rusty for me,
while I scamper off
and see if I can find him??

Hugo: oh my Rusty, I really don't think its a good idea
for you to climb into Huntyr's water bowl.
He isn't going to be a happy camper...

Huntyr: Hugo?? What!!??? Who!!!??
Hugo: oh no, don't look at me!!
ZackRabbit: rut ro... *giggle* Is that a snake in your water bowl?? oh my...........

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