Short adventure picture stories featuring:Huntyr, ZackRabbit, Ryko, Ryhlan, TwitterPals

2013 Ryko's New Friend!
Part two!

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Hi Friends,
A little explaination about what you are about to see.
Although on the surface this looks very similiar to my
regular stories. It is and it is not.
This is the first of the stories done by the new 3D process.
A very fantastic twitter friend, @zackRabbit, has been walking momma thru
learning this new program. He has been so patient with momma,
as this program is WAY OVER MOMMA'S HEAD.
But momma is so intrigued, she says she just has to learn it!
When you see things in the story this time, such as a dog house, a soccer
ball, a dog bowl, items in the dog house, grass, flowers, ....
these all are made by momma. They are 3D models -
sculpted and painted using this program - so everything can be twisted and turned
to see front,back, top or bottom.
and put into the story at the angle needed. Eventually, she will be making the trees and the sky too.

So enjoy this segment of the story...
And thanks for being my friend!!!

This is part two of a three part story.
If you missed part one It can be viewed HERE

Well ZackRabbit, how about we play a little ball
while we wait for Ryko to get back and explain
why he has talked Hugo into holding onto a snake.
AND why that snake is in MY water bowl!

ok, I will kick the ball and you go push it back to me.

I'll tell you one thing,
Ryko better have a good excuse for bringing that thing here


Huntyr, I am so sorry I kicked it so hard...

*stares at ball in water*

well, things happen Zack.

Let's think about this for a minute..
I could swim out and get it, but
I don't think I'd really want to go in that cold water.

*meanwhile Rusty is moving around*

Hang on Huntyr!! hang on.......
let me help!

*Ryko finally returning*

Hi guys! I see you met Rusty...
nice of you to be playing ball with him...

Actually he just rescued my ball from the middle of the river!

ya it was cool! He's a hero!!

Rusty, this is Huntyr, the Jack Russell Terrier.
I lives with him.
And this is Zack Rabbit, he is Huntyr's bestest friend!
Huntyr, Zack, this is Rusty, he needs a place to stay,
we is gonna be bestest friends, like you guys are...
can he stay?? can he??

*Rusty looking adoringly at Ryko*

Why does he need a place to stay??
Where is his home?
How did you meet???

*Ryko tells how he met Rusty:*

Well, let's see...
I was out playing by the river,
you know up in the hills,
when I heard someone crying, so I went to check it out.
That's when I spotted Rusty laying on a rock, crying.

He told me how no one seems to like him.
And his momma says he has to stay close to home.
His momma hardly lets him play with anyone.
So he packed that little bag
and was gonna pretend that he was running away.
He thought that would make his momma realize that he was unhappy.
But he went into the swamp and slithered onto a lily pad and fell asleep.
The lily pad drifted away with him on it.
and now he is lost.

I really like him and I want him to stay with me... ok??

If what you are saying is true..
then Rusty can stay with us for awhile.
I will dig him a little spot of his own!

oh you guys are the bestest!
This is a great pond!
and all my own!

*whispers.. but it's not home :(*

Thanks Guys, Rusty seems pretty happy in this new pond.

Why anyone would want to be wet all the time, is beyond me ...
But he does seem kinda happy in there.

Ya, kinda happy, but not really happy.
He is still a little boy, he needs his momma
I really think we need to find his family........

*eyes lighting up*
Will you, Huntyr, will you help me find my way home?

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