My Cats

hi !!
my name is DeeDee,
mom calls me Miss DeeDee cuz I am so dainty.

and my name is Cubby.
I am the cute one *S*.

what mom calls Memorial weekend 1998, we, along with 3 other brothers and sisters were living in the log pile in LoneRock WI. It was a great place... under a overhang so the rain couldn't get us... and lots of entrances to the log pile so we could run inside quickly.

Then one day, our quiet home became occupied
and when we looked into the windows
a bird and two people were looking out.

We never had 'real' food before
but this stuff they put on the woodpile
sure smelled like something we wanted to try.
So we licked it... and one lick proved to our tummies we wanted more.
So we followed the trail of this yummy stuff through this hole in the screen
and before we knew it, we were inside the house
looking out at the log pile instead of sitting on the log pile looking in.

Some of my favorite memories:
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