My Parrot

Hey! it's me buddy

cool ! I have my own page!

I have spent weeks making this page
and I will continue to update it as time goes on....
YOU KNOW.... it's not easy...
all this hunting and


for letters..... :)

You know,
it's really not easy having humans
as family members.
They can be so bossy sometimes.
But luckily, they are convinced
my little beak can really harm them
and I get some respect that way *S*.
I love my mom and my dad.

Sometimes dad tries to pretend
like he doesn't like me...
but I just look at him,
turn my head and rub the top
of my head on his beard...
and bingo.... got my way again!
It's nice... cuz dad is so tall
I can see all over my kingdom from his shoulder.

But its mom that I spend most of my time with!
I go so many places with her....
everyday I get to go to work with her!
That is so much fun....
all her customers try to make me talk...
but I won't.... I just look at them....
mom tries and tries to coax me
into talking for them.... you should see it....
it is so funny!!!
I just wait till they are out the door and then..
hehehehehe I say... Hi how are you?????
mom gets so mad....
but I know how to get her.....
I just say.. I love you mom...
and she is happy again....

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