Welcome Twitter Anipals
this is Huntyr, Momma worked hard to send you and me,
on a world tour.

I am so excited! I love tweeting with all of you and have been obsessed with making momma click on every picture posted and seeing where and how you all live differently from me,
yet alot the same!

Momma says she needs to tell you stuff first...

Hello. I have to tell you when I first thought this project up, I thought it would be a map, to show how across the world we are, one little picture of each of you, a few cute huntyr/zack pictures,bingo, done.
But as the emails came in... each of you had one, two, four, and more pictures. I was fascinated and decided to use most all of them.

I had to scrap the original plan and the world tour escalated into what you are about to view.

PLEASE remember, alot of anipals, spent ALOT of time preparing their information for you. Take your time and read it and look at the photos. It's fascinating reading!

I have it set for you to view each person on a new page, and travel across the world.

Keep in mind this is nothing professional, I just did this for fun.

I did discover how little I know about geography so if I misspoke about your location I am extremely sorry.

At the end of the file, will be a link where you can go back to each person, or each location. What fun would it be if you jumped to the middle or end right away?
Each picture is set up so you can click on it to view it larger. But you need to use your back key to return to the main page.


oh ya, its done using IE and is best viewed using that..

I added a comment box at the bottom of each page to make it fun for you to leave comments for the next anipal that views it...

With all that being said, lets go...............

and, and, and, have fun!

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