In the 80's, my older brother, Steve and his wife, Judy,
took their two sons to the apple orchard and took a picture
in front of the "watch me grow"sign.

Years later, when both boys had a child of their own,
they returned to the same apple orchard and took a picture
of their children in front of the same sign.
Thus started a yearly tradition of taking pictures.
As other children came along,more pictures.

Some times different apple orchards but most every year,
we can watch how they have grown.

I am posting them most current and then moving back.

```````````````````` 2020````````````````````

```````````````````` 2019````````````````````

```````````````````` 2018````````````````````

```````````````````` 2017````````````````````

```````````````````` 2016````````````````````

```````````````````` 2015````````````````````


```````````````````` 2011````````````````````

```````````````````` 2010````````````````````

```````````````````` 2009````````````````````

```````````````````` 2008````````````````````


```````````````````` 1989````````````````````

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