2012 Huntyr rehomes Ryhlan, a baboon
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Dear Huntyr

I am writing to you to ask you if you would be interested in re-homing a baboon. I have a particular baboon in mind, he is on his way to the re-homing centre right now. I have met him before and think he would be really happy living with you. His name is Ryhlan and he is a very special baboon. Of course all baboons are special. Ryhlan is very friendly and kind and he loves chatting to friends and meeting people and anipals and he has a taste for adventure, which is why I thought of you. I wonder if you have a space in your wonderful adventures for a new friend.

Ryhlan is needing a new home because his first home was unsuitable for him. A friend of ours bought him for his daughter, thinking she would love him. However, the girl prefers Barbie dolls and never played with Ryhlan. Ryhlan got very bored and unhappy living there. We met Ryhlan over Christmas and couldn't believe anyone would prefer Barbie dolls to him, but each to their own. Our friend asked me if Ryhlan could live with us. I would have loved to say yes to that and was very tempted. Ryhlan would have had a much better life with us than the one he had in his first home, but it would not be the life of adventure he wants. I think he could get that with you.

I think you would enjoy having Ryhlan in your home as well. He is about half my size, so only eats about half the amount of bananas that I do. He is a very, very, very good hugger, he is polite and friendly, outgoing and kind and would be a fantastic addition to any home.

As you know I believe, every baboon needs a home and every home needs a baboon!

So what do you say Huntyr? Would you like to have an extremely handsome and lovable baboon to live with you and join you in your adventures? Imagine all those lovely baboon hugs you and your mum could have every day!

Lots of love and HUGS HUGS HUGS from Kolo

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