Huntyr's Vacation
and First National Competition
Oct 2011

And now the Jack Russell Terrier National Competitions!

this of course, was the reason for the trip, all the other stuff was a major bonus!!!!
It was a three day event. Racing on Friday, rats on Saturday and more rats on Sunday.

We arrived on Friday early and picked a spot near the racetrack. Set up a table and started to look around! The trees were at there peak. The weather was cool but not cold. No clouds, not really windy. Perfect for racing!!

Standing at our vehicle, we took pictures of the trial and trees. This is the end of the racetrack.

straight across the racetrack...

facing the beginning of the racetrack...

looking over the lure course track...

Then racing happened. Racing went on and on and on. Lots of our club dogs were there and we cheered for all of them. The track was 300ft. We are used to racing about 220, so this seemed really long.
I love racing. Someday I might actually win bol....

While we were racing, Dave, Carol and Peggy arrived to watch and they brought yummy hot lunch. Such wonderful thoughtful people!

Saturday morning was a bit of a different story. We were woke up in the middle of the night, Friday night by rain hitting the windows :(
So momma piled on alot of clothes and her raincoat. On the ride to the trial site, Jill asked momma to check the radar... as momma was staring at her phone, Jill kept asking her what it said. Slowly momma turned her head to Jill and said, "you don't wanna know"... only 8-10 inches of heavy wet snow!
The first time Pennsylvania had heavy snow in October since 1929! LOL
When we arrived at the trial, it was still raining, I mean pouring! I had to wear my new raincoat! I don't much like wearing coats but in this case, I was glad I had it!

We found Pam and Terri and the dogs hudled under a livestock building. Dry under there. We moved in with them. Wasn't long before the rain started to turn white!

But we were sharing the space with lots of friends and there is nothing better than that!

I stayed on my bed, that cement is hard and cold....

Lea getting ready to start agility....

and the snow continued... (this is the same group of trees at the end of where the race track was)

finally it was my turn to find the rat... after sloshing thru the mud once.. Jill and momma decided to drive to where the rat brush hunt was...
I ran fast and found that rat in the mud and snow.
We went to the other two rat events and I did my bestest...
Dave, Carol and Peggy stayed home because of the snow. Ellen and Bill from NJ, cancelled their reservations and stayed home too. And we never got to meet Dusty/Hurley/Scribe from Maryland like we wanted. We was really sad about all that, but we would have been sadder, if something had happened to our friends in the blizzard.
Dave called and urged us to head "home" in daylight cuz of the snow... So after looking for rats, we didn't stick around to see if we placed in the ribbons. We did drive thru the snow in the mountains and arrived safely back at Dave and Carols. What a difference from the day before!

Sunday proved to be a bit nicer. The snow stopped and the sun came out. The slosh and mud was still there but who cares, there was still rats hidden out there to find. *S*

We went to see if we got ribbons on saturday. Lea got one. But I didn't. Doesn't matter to me but momma was sad. We went over and looked at the recorded pages of scores. Momma says I placed 7th in all three rat events on Saturday. Only top 6 get ribbons but I was just barely out of the ribbons. I did good. Well, I did my bestest and thats all I can do.

some scenery of the mountain the trials were being held in.

after finishing the trials, we headed home. The color was still in the trees (on the branches that didn't break off under the weight of this surprise heavy snow). And it was very pretty with the white around it.

Jill loves to see old barns and we found this one really cool.

half way home we stopped at another motel and me and Lea were able to play on the big bed again.
The video...

We had a fantastic time on our trip. From the beach, to the mountains, to the dog trial.
Mostly we had a fantastic time with Jill.
We met new life long friends and have memories that will last forever!
Its always fun to travel, but there is no place like home.

story begins..part 1, trip to New Jersey

story continues..part 2, Pennsylvania

story continues..part 3, Nationals, trip home.

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