Jack Russell Terriers

After 9 years of donating the hosting name, domain name and labor
to build and maintain this website, with no notice or respect of even telling me,
the club decided to PAY someone else to build their website,
even though they knew I had prepaid this for another three years.
I guess the club has money to burn :(

Monica Wilson, paid member since 2006.
JRTCA paid member since 2006 also.


When I was Chairman of the dog club, I had implemented seminar days, and seminars at the trial.
Dan Schweistal came and taught us how to release our dogs, if they were to get caught in a leg hold trap, or a connibear trap.
He explained with the leg hold, it will hold the dog till you release it. With the connibear you may have less than two minutes to save your dogs life.


Since that time the seminar has now been put onto a youtube video for you to view and learn from.

There is a PDF printout of the "directions" Free to view and print..
To view or print the PDF... click here!

Jack Russell??... Parson Russell?? The story of the name..(click here!)

Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

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