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After 9 years of donating the hosting name, domain name and labor
to build and maintain this website, with no notice or respect of even telling me,
the club decided to PAY someone else to build their website,
even though they knew I had prepaid this for another three years.
I guess the club has money to burn :(

Monica Wilson, paid member since 2006.
JRTCA paid member since 2006 also.
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Jack Russell Terrier

MWJRTC dogs having fun

Saturday, May 16, 2015. A group of Jack Russell Terrier Lovers got together and did some practice racing. We had an on looking crowd of dog enthusiasts of about 100 to watch.

We ran the puppy JRT mix, Sheldon, then the adults, then ran the 15 year olds. All the dogs had a chance to run and play and just have a fantastic "Doggy fun day".
Not only did we race our dogs, but a lot of the "kids" in the crowd, then raced the dogs. Extra racing for the dogs (who didn't even notice the kids running along side) and a blast for the kids.
Despite driving in the rain to get there, and driving home in the rain, the sun shined on our race track and was comfortable for a picnic lunch.
It was a great day!!!!

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