Lone Rock
from summer getaway to


.. our little cabin in the woods :)
(new pic to follow in the spring)

How it all began

A trip down the road from the beginning,
when Joe and Shirley (John's parents)
first purchased the land and place a trailer on it.
They drove up and used the place every weekend
in warm weather months


Soon it was obvious, that something needed to be done as it was just being used.
So in the mid 80's, John and Monica, built the house
up around and added peak roof.


One thing leads to another and soon
we decided the windows needed to be replaced too..

..replacing the old windows with insulated large windows
..an inside shot of new windows.

After getting the leaks buttoned up,
we started to use it the same way
as his parents did.
Every weekend we could get away we did.
Starting at Easter and closing up in October.

Once John retired, we began talking about
possibly moving to Wisconsin when I retired.
We talked about how/if that could be accomplished.
My question, where will you put a washer and drier?
the answer, can't.
So my answer, we aren't moving!!

Soon the overhang on the east side of the house was being closed in
housing the washer and drier and a much needed place for hanging clothes,
and a nice place for storing a few days worth of firewood.


..this courtyard was done over many many weekends in the hot sun!
but despite the blood, sweat and tears
it's beautiful!

..one 40lb block at a time

can't work with out tools and supervisors

..and then neighbors :(


..the start of the gazebo 12 x 12

sitting in the gazebo makes you feel like
you are sitting in the middle of thw woods


Here I show you the before and after changes in the inside of the house.
Every wall, ceiling and flooring has been replaced or improved
The kitchen being the most impressive change!


the back bedroom, used mostly for storage but has been used for guests

..the cold cement flooring finally covered


..and then the work room... aka garage


..and a house without closets needs storage space...
So the overhang on the west side of the house was suddenly closed in.


..and John's dream of a water feature

..another long project but definetely worth it!


..the old Franklin stove held up well
just not efficient enough to heat the house without costing more than gas

..but not without a cost of back breaking wood stacking
because of the side walk we put in,
the wood must be wheeled over to the wood shed


..and finally an overhang on front of house


..the old window is now two pull out shelves for can good, etc.

..the little travel cage was not enough for permanent home
so a bigger cage was built

..no pics were taken when wall came out to make our bedroom decent size

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