Tulip Tree

The story of Huntyr's,
Camp David (CD) Tulip Tree

n October 2016, Huntyr and I traveled with
Jill and 3 of her dogs to Maryland
for the Jack Russell Terrier National Trial.
After the three day trial,
we traveled to Pennsylvania where we stayed
with Dave and Carol for a few days.
Knowing 2016 was Huntyrs last nationals
as he was aging, it was a special year.
Before we left PA, Dave had dug up a seedling tulip tree
and put it in a pot for us to take home.
It wasn't much more than 8-10 inches tall.
Jill took it home but I knew I would be able to enjoy watching it grow.
In the spring of 2017.
Jill didn't really want to mess with it and offered it to me.
Thus began the enjoyment of CD.
During 2017 CD spent the summer on the flower cart
and came in the house with them in the fall.
2018 back out to the flower cart
where his personslity started to appear.

already into a little bigger pot

even at a year old, and less than 2ft tall,the leaves are huge
after putting it back outside in the spring,
it grew alot

Spring of 2020,
it was obvious that it no longer
should come in house in the fall and needed a permanent home.
I waited for new growth and leaves
I waited and waited
disappointed that maybe I waited one year too long to put it in the ground
April, no growth, May no growth no leaves.
So mid May, I made the decision of where to put it,
dug a hole and in the ground it went.
Two weeks later, still nothing. Disappointment was beyond words.

can barely see it with no leaves to the right of the dragon
little frog at its base

finally mid June, a little leaf appeared.
then another and another!!

Because it has always wintered indoors
On Oct 19, it felt its first snow.

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