2012 Huntyr & Zackary Rabbit's
trip to Ryko the Rat's house!
@huntyr @kyba @zackrabbit

Hey Gang, Huntyr here,
me and Ryko the Rat, and Ryhlan the baboon
been laying around talking.
ZackRabbit is suppose to be on his way over
to join us. We gonna go out and play
something when he gets here.

Huh, what's up Ryko???

ummmm Huntyr,, Huntyr,
*points at calendar* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!

I GOTS to go home!!!

I hope you mean just to visit I hope??!!!
Ok wait till Zack gets here,
then me and Zacky will go with you... OK??

Ok Huntyr, ...Oh look, I see Zack now!!

...comeon.... lets go...hurry !!!
I will show you a shortcut...

Ryhlan, where are they going?
Not sure Rufus, but they said we can't go...

hmmmphhhhh wanna bet???

Zackary:"eenie meanie miney moo....
Come on Huntyr, I think he went this way"

no wait, Zack, look at this marking on the wall.
This must be the right way!

Rufus:Look Ryhlan, there they are...HI ZACK!!! *waves*
Huntyr:Ryhlan, I told you not to follow me...
grrrrr baboons, more stubborn than Jack Russells....

Zackary: Rufus, if you insist on coming
then you will have to make yourself useful,
you two can pull the wagon

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