Easter 2010.

Pizzolato Family Tradition Continues!

It's always fun in Lone Rock, WI,
but suddenly I notice,
5 baskets full of toys and candy.
Hmmmm 1 dog, 5 baskets.
My guess is...
little humans are coming to visit!

ok! ok!
Just take the darn picture and get it over with,
will ya?!
I feel silly!

Now this is more like it!
I will find that bunny,
I am sure he went this way!

I was right!
Little humans!
Oh fun time!

and more bubbles
Maddy and Alexius

and even more with Lily and Alexius

Finally time for tradition to begin
I have to lead the men and kids away
so the easter bunny can come

Soon I lead them back
Sure enough that bunny was thre and gone!

But he left behind some eggs filled with candy!
I hope there is some filled with doggy treats!
Here! Maddy, come look here!!!

I had to help Maddy, It's only fair!

Cuz Cylie was helping Alexius

Maddy started to think she was a bunny!

Maddy, Cylie and Alexius got into the act!

Ever try to sit down 4 very sugared up kids
for a picture with ears on!???

ACK!! This is going a bit to far, isn't it!?
I know she loves me
but, but, but ...........

I hope you all had a super Easter 2010 like we did!
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